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Meet Mona Lisa:  

Mona Lisa is a retired limousine driver. After being diagnosed with Lupus and Fibromyalgia and years of unsuccessful services, she came into contact with VillageCare through VillageCare Home Care. Watch to learn more about Mona Lisa, her story and the services she received.

Meet Judy:Judy is a former metaphysical philosophy therapist. After experiencing great family loss and major setbacks due to her diabetes, Judy's doctors suggested she go to a nursing home. Judy was steadfast in her desire to maintain her life and live it as she wanted to. Judy came in contact with VillageCare through VillageCareMAX, MLTC. 

Meet Walter:Walter is a retired college professor living in upper Manhattan. After continuing pain, Walter finally heeded his doctor's advice and opted for hip-replacement surgery. Needing sub-acute rehabilitation after his hospital stay, a trusted confidant who is also a VillageCare employee recommended VillageCare Rehabilitation and Nursing Center.